The Iguanas

 The Iguanas are Mexico City’s junior cricket team, consisting of children aged between 8 to 13 years. The season for the Iguanas runs from September to early May. The schedule includes a mix of net training and matches, held between 11am and 1pm at the Reforma Cricket Club most Sundays (unless there are school holidays or otherwise advised). Matches typically allow all players to bowl 2-3 overs and to bat with a partner for 4-5 overs. In training sessions children are taught all technical aspects of the sport, including fielding, batting and bowling. It should be noted that the while the training is plenty of fun, it is not a ‘muck around’. There is a very deliberate focus on teaching technique. An equivalent focus is given to ensuring children understand the spirit in which the game should be played. Unless children are new to the game all players use a standard leather cricket ball. Appropriate kit is provided. For non-members there is a cost of MXN50 per session. There are currently around 15 players in the squad. They include local Mexicans and expat children (principally from the UK and Australia). The team is coached in English by Chris Rodwell, an Australian with many years’ experience in the sport, who volunteers his time to train the children. Communication with parents of team members is conducted by Whatsapp.

 Summer Camp 2016

This year the Iguanas will be running a Summer Cricket Camp at the Reforma Athletic Club from August 15 to 19. Sessions will run for a half-day from 9.00-12.30am. Cost is MXN750 per child. Players are expected to arrange their own food and drink. For more information please send a whatsapp. Numbers are limited to 15 (we currently have 10 children enrolled).