Central American Championships (Panama) 2015 

4th Place

This year in April the MCA sent a mens team to compete in the 2015 Central American Championships in Panama City, Panama. This year the tournament offered an extra special platform with the addition of teams from Brazil, Peru, and most attractively from the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). The full list of teams was as follows: Brazil, Panama A, Panama B, MCC, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Mexico. Conditions were tough with the pitches located a little outside of the city on a ground where the outfield was very rocky and hard and the wickets (mats), which played slowly and unpredictably at times. Nevertheless, the spirit of the tournament was excellent and the hosts along with their supporters put on a great show. Mexico made it to the semi-final where a combination of exhaustion, heat, an early start, and a strong opposition saw them loose convincingly to the MCC. In the play-off game for 3rd and 4th spot Mexico lost out again, with a depleted side to the Panama B team. Panama A team went on to win the tournament with an exciting victory in the final against MCC.   

Mexico Squad: Tushar Gupta (C) (Aztecs), Orlando Ames-Lewis (VC) (Aztecs), Ben Owen (Reforma), Mike Beckwith (Reforma), Hugo Van Belle (Reforma), Gardner Murray (MCC), Manish Sohiri (Aztecs), Shohan Mostafa (MCC), Richard Wagner (Cancun), Rob Howarth (Reforma), Robert McGregor (Reforma), Rodrigo Martinez (MCC), Santiago Cruz (Reforma), Simon Gardner (Reforma), Sushmit Nath (MCC), Tarun Sharma (MCC), Vincent MaClean (Aztecs), Mark Goodall (Cancun). 

South American Championships (Peru) 2014


2014 saw Mexico enter and win at its first attempt the South American Championship in Lima, Peru. The tournament hosted both a ladies and a mens tournament and was held at the wonderful facilities of the Lima Cricket Club. The full list of teams was as follows: Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. It was a very tight contest with the teams very evenly matched. Mexico, however made it through to the final with some great team performances and spirit where they faced Chile. Despite loosing to Chile in the group stages of the tournament the team turned things around and pulled off a convincing victory with Chairman Owen taking the winning catch.  


Central American Championships (Mexico) 2013